I. General

Please read these General Terms carefully before using Linkin OOD's website. The website aims to provide information about the products and services offered by Linkin OOD, as well as to allow contact with us.

These General Terms are binding in the relationship between you and Linkin OOD. By accessing (loading) the website, you agree to be bound by these General Terms and any subsequent amendments thereto, as well as undertake to comply with them. In case you do not agree with all the clauses below, please do not use the Linkin OOD website.

II. Information and liability

The website and the information available on it are provided "as they are". Linkin OOD is not responsible for the completeness, accuracy and appropriateness of the information contained on the website, as well as for the subjective perceptions and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information resources published or available on the website.

The pictures of products and objects published on the website are illustrative. There may be a discrepancy with the actual parameters.

Linkin OOD and any person involved in the creation or development of this website bears no responsibility for damages, including indirect damages or lost profits, arising in connection with the access or use of the website. Linkin OOD is not responsible for any damages suffered as a result of computer viruses due to the use of the website, as access, use and downloading of materials to a hard disk or other device is entirely at your own risk.

III. Intellectual property rights

The website contains information, data, photographs, graphics, video materials, images, sounds and other materials that are protected by copyright or other proprietary rights. The copyright and related rights on all images, texts, audio-visual works and other objects of intellectual property placed on this website, including the design of this page, are the property of Linkin OOD.

All trademarks and trade names, designs and images displayed on this website are the property of Linkin OOD. The permission to use this website should not be interpreted as a permission to use any object of intellectual property owned by Linkin OOD.

IV. Links to other pages

It is possible that when you have access to our website you will be redirected to other websites. When you access such other websites, Linkin OOD does not assume any responsibility for the content, as well as for the products or services offered on such sites, nor for subsequent changes.

V. Confidentiality. Personal data

Linkin OOD processes personal data according to the applicable legislation of Bulgaria and the EU. In connection with the access and use of the services of the website, we process personal data under the terms of our Privacy Policy. You may read our Privacy Policy here. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of these General Terms.

VI. Resources and services requiring registration

Linkin OOD provides access to certain resources and services against registration. Such resources and services are, for example:

  • Access to files and technical information about resources and services (.dwg, BIM files, etc.);
  • Access to certain promotional materials;
  • Access to certificates;
  • Providing information and answers to specific queries you may have.

Commercial services are provided to commercial entities. In case you are a natural person - consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, please contact one of the authorized distributors of Linkin OOD.

When providing information for registration purposes, you undertake to provide true, truthful and accurate information, complying with the requirements of these General Terms. The provision of personal data and information is made by you on the basis of informed and express consent.

VII. Changes

Linkin OOD reserves the right to make changes to these General Terms at any time by publishing these changes on its website.

For all matters not settled by these General Terms, the Bulgarian legislation shall apply.