Promoting Diversity, Human Rights, and Health & Safety

At LINKIN, we are committed to fostering a socially responsible and inclusive environment that values diversity, upholds human rights, and prioritizes the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders. Our dedication to these core principles reflects our belief in making a positive impact on society and contributing to a better world.

Main areas of environmental activities

A major contribution to Linkin’s total waste production is related to our mining and refining operations. The mined bauxite must be washed before further processing, which generates tailings that are stored in dedicated tailings dams at our mining operation.

  • Modernization of production, equipment of enterprises with new modern equipment.
  • Introduction of new ecologically effective capacities.
  • Arrangement of sanitary protection zones.
  • Research and development activity.

Diversity and Inclusion: Celebrating Differences and Building Strength

We recognize that diversity is a cornerstone of innovation and growth. We embrace the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and talents of our workforce and ensure that every individual feels valued and respected. By promoting diversity, we enrich our workplace culture and enhance our ability to tackle challenges from a multitude of angles, driving creativity and progress.

  • Human Rights: Ensuring Ethical Practices Across the Board

    Respecting and upholding human rights is non-negotiable for us. We are committed to conducting business ethically and responsibly, adhering to international human rights standards in all our operations. Our commitment extends to our supply chain, where we actively engage with partners who share our dedication to human rights and fair labor practices.

  • Health and Safety: Prioritizing the Well-being of All

    The well-being of our employees, clients, and partners is of paramount importance to us. We maintain stringent health and safety protocols across our operations, ensuring a secure working environment for everyone. Our focus on health and safety goes beyond compliance; it's a reflection of our genuine concern for the people who contribute to our success.

  • Continuous Improvement: Driving Positive Change

    We recognize that social responsibility is an ongoing journey. That's why we continually seek ways to improve our practices, create a positive impact on our communities, and align our efforts with global sustainability goals. Our commitment to diversity, human rights, and health and safety underscores our dedication to being a responsible corporate citizen.