With our advanced machining capabilities, we can provide precise and customized machining services for aluminium profiles. Whether it's drilling, cutting, or perforation, our skilled people utilize cutting-edge equipment to meet the exact specifications of our clients.

  • Cutting

    The process of cutting aluminium profiles to specific lengths or shapes using sawing, shearing, or CNC machining.

  • Drilling

    Creating holes or openings in aluminium profiles using drill bits or CNC drilling machines.

  • Perforating

    Punching or stamping patterns of holes or slots into aluminium profiles for ventilation, drainage, or aesthetic purposes.

  • Bending

    Shaping aluminium profiles into curves or angles using bending machines, providing structural integrity or aesthetic appeal.

The process

  • How does our machining process create precise openings in aluminium profiles?

    Our machining process expertly drills precise holes and openings in aluminium profiles to meet exact specifications.

  • What methods do we use to cut aluminium profiles with precision?

    Our cutting techniques ensure precise shaping of aluminium profiles, meeting the specific dimensions required for each project.

  • How do we enhance the functionality of aluminium profiles through perforation?

    Our perforation process strategically adds ventilation, drainage, or decorative features to aluminium profiles, enhancing their functionality and aesthetics.

  • What role does bending play in the fabrication of aluminium profiles?

    Bending enables us to shape aluminium profiles into curves or angles, optimizing their structural integrity and design flexibility.

Small and big-sized applications

Our state-of-the-art CNC machining processes, including drilling, tapping, notching, and routing, ensure precision and consistency in shaping aluminium profiles to exact specifications. With advanced technology and expertise, we deliver superior quality components efficiently, meeting the diverse needs of modern manufacturing.