Thermal break assembly

We specialize in thermal break assembly, which involves incorporating insulation materials into aluminium profiles to enhance energy efficiency. Our thermal break assembly process ensures optimal thermal performance and contributes to sustainable building solutions.

  • Profile Preparation

    Aluminium extrusions are carefully cleaned and prepped to ensure optimal adhesion of the thermal break material.

  • Thermal Barrier Insertion

    A thermal barrier material, such as polyamide, is precisely inserted into a groove in the aluminium extrusion profile, forming a thermal break.

  • Profile Assembly

    The extrusion with the inserted thermal barrier is assembled using heat and pressure to securely bond the thermal break material within the profile.

  • Quality Inspection

    The assembled aluminium profile undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure proper insertion and assembly of the thermal break, meeting industry standards for thermal performance and structural integrity.

The process

  • What role does thermal assembly play in aluminium extrusion?

    Thermal assembly involves inserting a barrier material into aluminium profiles to enhance their thermal performance and energy efficiency.

  • How does thermal assembly benefit architectural applications?

    By reducing heat transfer, thermal assembly improves insulation in aluminium profiles, contributing to energy savings and increased comfort in buildings.

  • What materials are commonly used for thermal assembly?

    Polyamide, a durable and thermally insulating material, is frequently utilized for thermal assembly in aluminium extrusion.

  • How does thermal assembly contribute to sustainable building practices?

    By improving the energy efficiency of aluminium profiles, thermal assembly supports sustainable building practices by reducing heating and cooling costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Small and big-sized applications

Our state-of-the-art CNC machining processes, including drilling, tapping, notching, and routing, ensure precision and consistency in shaping aluminium profiles to exact specifications. With advanced technology and expertise, we deliver superior quality components efficiently, meeting the diverse needs of modern manufacturing.